Bradbury Thompson

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Graphic Designer: Bradbury Thompson
By K. Lee Goodrick
Patrick Kirk
ARTD 201
Due: March 28, 2007 Bradbury Thompson (1911 – 1995) is often times called the "father of modern design" and considered a pioneer among graphic designers (Father). As early as high school, Bradbury showed a keen talent in the field of graphic design. He jumpstarted his career when working in New York; and from that point he undertook many projects that made him famous. Among those projects includes designing stamps for the postal office, redesigning World Book Encyclopedia, Chicago Daily News, and even the Holy Bible. His work was not overlooked and Bradbury received several awards for his works. Bradbury Thompson has left a very positive and
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She enabled him to continue his work and in the year 1979, a decade after Bradbury started the project, the bible was published and placed on the market. The Bible was a huge success and collected several awards and publications (Hoffman). In 1980 a second version was published. This second version was smaller and was targeted to sell to families. Of course Bradbury 's success was not overlooked. In 1950, Bradbury received the National Society of Art Directors of the Year award. In 1975 he received AIGA Gold Medal award. And finally, in 1977 Bradbury was placed into the Art Director 's Hall of Fame (Pioneer). As for my personal thoughts; besides being extremely impressed by Bradbury Thompson 's success I find it very interesting as to how broad his different work reached. It really goes to show that graphic design can lead one to several different types of work. After reading up on Bradbury Thompson I can only be overtaken by motivation and excitement in hoping that my career can lead me to as many exciting projects and places as Bradbury Thompson 's did. As for Bradbury 's work, he truly makes several masterpieces and deserves all the respect, awards, and recognition. He does very well at expressing meaningful concepts. I also greatly appreciate his interest in making the English language easier to understand and read. I am interested to see the bible he redesigned. He must have truly
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