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Cells That Read Minds 2

This article is about brain cells reaction that is called mirror neurons. This cell will react to different sounds or movement. The researchers found that on monkeys when they heard or saw a certain kind of movement that would make a sound or gesture. Also, that found reactions happen within Humans, also. Dr. Rizzolattis said it took them several years to believe what they we’re seeing was really true. That is when they realize that the monkeys brain contains a special class of cells, called mirror neurons, that fire up when the animal sees or hears an action and when the animal cries out the
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To me dealing with the cells of the brain is very unique. This article is important to me, because we need to know what make our brain works. Sometimes things are not what it seems within our brain. The cells play a great part of our brain. I want to know more about the surrounding and what help keep our brain in order. I have found that the brain has things to occur and we do not know when happens or if it is happen. By reading this article and taking this class it has shown me the different things that the brain may go through. This class has opened my mind to find different things about the cells. I think this is great to know more information about the Cells within our brain. Also, this is a very limited and good article. The research on this article was done by taxpayer monies and state. Most research is done with different findings. I feel that some things like cells and other important research items need to have all the funding that is necessary. The different research helps our scientist and doctors find different avenues to help with diseases. Every country is research different diseases for cures. The United States need all the funds to assist in any kind of research. If we did not have people finding the different cures this will be hurtful. Also, we have to have researches and doctors’ finding what is happens in our body and brain. If something happen
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