Brain Drain In America

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The holidays are a time for family gatherings. Americans load up their cars or get on planes, travel to see family and reconnect with lost high school classmates. The American population, temporarily at least, desegregates.
Now the word segregation might sound a bit confounding, conjuring up images of race and riot, but this segregation is different. As the January 19, 2007, Inside Higher Education points out, today’s segregation transcends race and separates people by education and affluence. Americans with college and postgraduate degrees increasingly cluster in a handful of locations, leaving the rest of the country intellectually and economically sapped, the victims of a brain drain. The America that was once a melting pot for dreams and ideas accessible by all from sea to shining sea is now an America where dreams come true for the talented few only when they live by a sea. The segregation caused by this out-migration of high-ability youth from where they were raised to a few economically and intellectually vibrant locales cripples rural America and even some urban areas, while destabilizing the American economy and society. Brain drain has caused the American melting pot to reach a melting point.
For us to fix it, we
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An October 2006 University of Iowa Civic Analysis Network report chronicles the process. What happens is, brain drain regions often encourage their elite high school students to seek out more prestigious colleges and universities in other parts of the nation—the old get out while the gettin’ is good routine. Sure some students stay, but many don’t. After college, the elite students from local institutions as well as those who’ve already left seek employment in the economically vibrant locations, leaving their homes talent-drained. While it’s perfectly natural for kids to move away, the problem for brain drained regions is that few talented people ever
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