What Is The Claim That We Only Use Ten Percent Of Our Brain Is False?

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2. The claim that we only use ten percent of our brain is false. There is no scientific evidence to back up this statement. The origin of the myth is unknown, it could have been influenced by a number of people or events. However despite the lack of evidence to back up the claim that humans only use ten percent of their brain potential the claim has continued into the modern age. The myth has been repeated over and over by the media until many people didn't question it and believe it regardless of evidence against it. Those who believe that we use only ten percent of our brain believe that if we were capable of using a larger capacity then we would be able to perform amazing feats. That we would have incredible memory and be able to …show more content…

I believe he should have included specific sources along with his data. Examples of the media's repitition of the myth that we use ten percent of our brain was included along with some images of the brain that showed the activity in brain imaging, the brain after surgery, and a sheeps brain. The images fit with the information but he should have also included specific studies to back up some of his statements. 4. I learned that even though young children may have a large portion of their brain removed they are adaptable and the brain can still function well. This surprised me beacause of how devastating it is for an adult to lose even a small portion of their brain. I was also surprised that so many people still believe the ten percent myth and that the media still promotes it as being real. 5. The website could be controversial simply because so many people still believe the myth about humans only using ten percent of their brain. Because this site clearly states that it is false those that believe the myth may be offended. 6. I did find the website helpful because it offered good information and helped me write this term project. If I wanted to write a paper on the ten percent myth or try to explain to someone why the myth is fake I could use this website. It did help me understand the myth better as well as why it is just a myth. Chapter 2 was about the brain and it's behavior. It was all about the

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