Brain On Music Research Paper

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A Brain on Music Jennifer is a junior in high school. She is taking multiple difficult classes, and with her work schedule, it is very difficult to finish all of the homework that is given her. One day, she decides to listen to the radio while doing her homework. She tuned in to her favorite pop/rap station and began working. She found, to her dismay, that she was continually being distracted by the lyrics of the songs. Her mood grew depressed as she listened to the songs about violence and sex. She couldn’t finish her homework while listening to the radio. Then, she pulled out her IPod and played some classical music, as she had read somewhere that it can help during homework. She sat back down to finish her work, began to feel more focused and finished her homework quickly.
Jennifer’s idea that classical music helps the focus and concentration is correct. It is scientifically proven that this kind of music stimulates the brain. What about the other genres of music, one may ask? Not all are as helpful and uplifting as the classical genre. The music of today, while being catchy in tune, has …show more content…

There are, of course, the few exceptions, but these exceptions don’t brighten the overall effect of negativity that most lyrics have. These negative topics can range from suicide to sex or rape to unstable relationships to hate. There are so many songs with negative meanings that it’s difficult to turn on the radio and not hear one of them. Most people are more caught up by the beat and not the lyrics, but they still hear the words subconsciously and it may affect their mood. According to Mamiverse writers, country music is “linked to depression and even suicide” (15 Music Genres, 2014). They also mention rap and heavy metal, saying, “Rap songs often promote anger, misogyny and violence” and “[The] typically aggressive lyrics and melodies [of heavy metal] can certainly have certain negative effects on your

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