Brain Tumors: A Case Study

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In this world, there is no telling when a situation will come across a person that will change the way they live forever. Life can be drastically altered in the blink of an eye with no sign or warning. My uncle can be used as a testament to this very fact. Rick Snyder, my uncle, was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year after I was born. This 32-year-old father, son, and relative, received information that would change the way he lived for the remainder of his life. At the time, I was so young and did not quite understand the facts of the situation. I was never educated on brain tumors and what they mean for the health of a person. I turned to research to develop an understanding on how such a tragic thing could happen to a loved one. A main …show more content…

This was not easy for his children, wife, and the rest of the family to experience but for his needs, we needed to be strong, caring, loving, and supportive. Universally, treatment for brain tumors is a combination of different medications as well as radiation therapy (Kabitha et al. 1169). With being so weak, his need for transportation to treatment increased as well. It was not easy for his wife because they also had 4 children. As a result of this, different family members, including my mother, would help get him where he needed to be. It also needs to be remembered that my uncle still had a life to live. From the article, “Supporting Adults With A Brain Tumor”, written by Polly Newton, it states, “a clinical nurse specialist will work with everyone involved to ensure a person living with a brain tumor has the best supportive care at home” (Newton 24). This was what our family attempted to provide as much as possible. My uncle still needed love from the people around him. We attempted to care and provide as much normalcy as humanly possible. This was also meant for his wife and children as well because it had impacted their lives in a negative

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