Brand Positioning

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Innovations, trends and fads all create, shape, and add value to a brand. Building a strong brand takes time commitment and hard work. The identity of the brand, from the perspective of the consumers, is the foundation of a good brand-building program. Effective brand management that encompasses brand personality is of major importance in reaching the company goals of satisfaction, loyalty and profitability. Building a powerful brand requires determining the substantial characteristics of the offerings that carry the brand name and the psychological or emotional benefits the customers receives from a company’s products. This can be described, as what “value” means to a typical loyal customer; and what, ultimately, is the
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Brands that are more popular end up having higher market share simply because of the fact that they are popular. Consumers generally buy because others are buying it. Consumers need guidance when buying products. The product not only has to be innovative and different to stand out, but the brand itself needs to as well.


Building brand identity helps consumers associate the brand with something that resonates with them. “The name of a brand is almost always a constant element” according to Helen Vaid, author of Branding (Vaid, 2003) Brands may change their colors, fonts, or even logos, but one thing that is always held constant is the company’s name. A name creates an associate in the consumers mind. A consumer may hear company name and not relate to it where some consumers will hear the name and agree that it is extremely relatable to them. A well-designed brand does this on purpose: by focusing on a set of customers they may desire to ignore or exclude others. The name must appeal to the market, be appropriate for the product and send a message. The right type of name will define what the company is and what it does. It’s providing a product or service that a distinct group of customers value and perceive as different from competitive offerings. A brand should strive to be inspiring and innovative.
Names can be descriptive, inspirational, emotive or abstract. A descriptive name does exactly what it says; give a description of the

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