Case Study Of Pepsi Cola

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Long before now has branding been considered as one of the peripheral aspects of business. Manufacturers, investors and other key players focused on the product without paying much attention to the consumer. But as the business landscape got tougher, marketing became not just an integral part of business but one of the fundamental principles of success.
In recent times, branding has played a pivotal role in some brands’ success. This has been made possible through the ability of some marketers to capture the essence and minds of people (consumers), and put the trends and characteristics into the personality of a brand. Customers have always found ways to identify themselves with certain products, and on several occasions, branding campaigns …show more content…

Belch and Belch (2001) stated that the ultimate goal of an organization is to create brand loyalty, which in return, ensures continued patronage. Pepsi Cola is one of the world’s most popular drinks holding about 29.3% of the entire fizzy drinks market (Esterel, 2011). Pepsi cola is a brand known for reinventing itself with its various logo changes. These rebranding campaigns have been strategically positioned to keep the Pepsi brand relevant within its target audience, the youth. Pepsi still desires to be perceived as trendy, and appealing to the younger generation. The rebranding campaigns are meant to appeal to the forth-coming generation and eventually create brand loyalty. Pepsi have adopted a brand campaign set to distinguish them from other brands. They present the brand as a contemporary product as opposed to a classic relic and thus they grab the attention of the youth. It is therefore very important to understand the loyalty consumers have towards a “brand” that has undergone several changes that include facelifts and general rebranding. It should however be noted that any one of these evolutionary trends will always have consequences. It would be interesting to unravel how much of a success Pepsi has achieved over the years especially with its most recent rebranding

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