John Lewis And The Departmental Store

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John Lewis is situated in Westfield shopping centre located in Stratford City. The departmental store basically showcases greatest and latest products in context of electronics, beauty, home and fashion. John Lewis has tried to incorporate best ideas in order to create a memorable and pleasurable shopping experience for customers. The brand has even included personal services and delicious foods for all its customers. Special events are even hosted at this departmental store. There are knowledgeable and helpful partners at John Lewis who ensures that customers leave the premises with products aligned with their needs. John Lewis fashion department can be considered as a store within a departmental store. This is a new approach
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The reason behind this is it is perceived that such upper class brands are purchased only by upper class market segment. This kind of perception influences all key factors that are involved in buyer decision making process. In this study it shall be analyzed how upper class brands within John Lewis are able to attract customer’s attention belonging to lower income class segment.

Literature Review
According to Holt (2004), a brand can be defined as a term, name or a design that distinguishes product or service of one manufacturer from others. Brands are normally utilized in advertising, business and marketing. In accounting terms, brand is an intangible asset which is present within every organization. It is most valuable asset that is outlined in the balance sheet of a company. Brands owners need to effectively manage their brands in order to enhance shareholder value. Brand valuation is an important technique that associates money with a brand. Effective branding often results into high sales volumes of a particular product. A customer who prefers a brand is more likely to choose other products which are offered by the same brand. Brand can be stated as a personality that facilitates identification of a company, product or service. It even encompasses relation with other constituents like customers, partners, investors, staff, etc. Individuals distinguish psychological aspect of a brand from experimental
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