Brand Strategy Of Kenchic

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Kenchic is a brand for the leading poultry products in Kenya. It is owned by Kenchic limited company, a company which came into existence in 1984 after it acquired its assets from the British American Tobacco-Kenya Developments Ltd (Esaja, 2016). That means the brand Kenchic is now over 30 years. At the humble beginning, the company produced 20,000 day old chicks per week and the processing capacity was 5,000 per week. The total workforce was 77 employees and all operations were manual.
Now, the company has diversified products and increased in production. The products include day old chicks (layers and broiler), processed chicken meat, one stop shop and franchises. The new state-of-the-art hatchery can hatch up …show more content…

If Kenchic did not have the right strategy, it could not have competed to this extent and grown fast. It is because of a strong brand name. Several suggestions put across in the book by Winer and Dhar (2011, p. 183) played a significant role. Movahhed (2016) also highlights several elements of brand strategy. Let us examine each one of them.
Strategy Explanation

Brand identity Kenchic focused on making itself known by solving people’s needs. It added value in the following ways;
a) Kenchic meat- it is produced under hygienic conditions from farm to fork. It is certified by Halal.
b) Kenchic day old chicks- they are disease resistant because their parents are well vaccinated and hatched under hygienic conditions.
c) Kenchic one stop shop- it provides quality farm inputs to ensure success of the farmers.
Consistency Kenchic products are consistent in quality winning loyalty of the consumers.
Additionally, the supply is stable hence consumers’ trust in Kenchic.

Tracking equity and brand perception Feedback is periodically sort from customers who consume kenchic products. This is done through filling of questionnaires in the field by trained company veterinary officers. This way, mistakes are rectified and serves the customers

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