Mcdonald's Brand Report Card

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In the brand report card, Kevin Keller presented ten attributes that the world’s strongest brands share. This list of characteristics provides a powerful toolset to measure how well a brand, as well as its competitors are managed. This assignment applies Keller’s brand report card to Apple Inc., brand and evaluates its brand strengths and vulnerabilities against its competitors (Google ®, Samsung ®, and Microsoft®) in efforts to discover areas of weakness and possible opportunities for improvement.
The first attribute brand report card focuses on “the brand excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desire”. Apple’s overall grade in this attribute is a 9.5(out of 10); well above that of its competitors. Apple 's approach to deliver the products that customers truly desire is fundamentally different from most other companies who work in their space. This differentiation starts right from every element of their brand interactions with consumers, from retail experience to product design to marketing and PR.
The Second attribute brand report card focuses “the brand stays relevant”. Apple brand, known principally for innovation, focused and stayed ahead of the game in being relevant to its brand identity. For example, while Windows PC are lacking graphical user interface, Apple produced rich graphical user interface PC’s. Revolutionized music industry with IPod and iTunes. The apps market created by Apple evolved a new ecosystem in mobile industry. Apple’s overall
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