Brandy Tottress: How My Mom Changed My Life

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There are two people that have impacted my life the most in a positive way and that would be my mom and my aunt. When I think of these women I am automatically encouraged and know that I can do anything.
My mom, Brandy Tottress, is what I call a real fighter. She is a single parent that works full-time and is in the process of building her own business. My mom has always been my biggest cheerleader. She refuses to let me be down and stay down. She’s always telling to breathe and don’t stress. I am legally blind in my left eye so there are times when all the class reading can be stressful. My mom will come in and read the information to me to give my “good eye” a break. There are a lot of times that I know my mom maybe going through something but I watch her pick herself and keep going. That’s my mom she’s my rock!
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This woman is the person that I go to other than my mom when I need someone to keep it real with me. She’s not going to sugar coat any situation for me. For example, during my senior year of high school I went through an extremely selfish phase. My mom was slightly more gray than usual and my auntie set into me. She told me basically to get focused or I would be graduating with my little sister. Needless-to-say I got it together and graduated in 2016. I love that we can laugh together too with our private book club. We love to read and discuss urban romance novels. The greatest thing about my aunt and what I admire about her most is the fact that she is a full-time hairstylist. She loves hair and she’s a boss in her field. She lets me know that when the time comes I don’t have to punch a clock but I can have my own photography
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