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Brannigan Case Study
Strengths: Brannigan Foods’ Soup Division has the largest soup market share in the United States at 39.8%. They are willing to change and have the capital to do so.
Weaknesses: The soup industry as a whole has been on a consistent decline over the last several years. Brannigan’s has wasted money acquiring small businesses that have done little to nothing for profits. They have also been developing different types of soup in which only 1 out of 100 is actually well received by consumers.
Opportunities: They have the potential to be the leaders in healthy canned soups that are offered in a variety of trendy flavors. Brannigan Foods is already a well –established brand with many loyal followers who can regain …show more content…

I propose that they have a contest to develop new flavors of soups, with the winner receiving a combination price of money and a year’s supply of Brannigan Foods Soups. Buying up smaller brands of soups doesn’t sound feasible seeing as how it hasn’t worked at any time before for this company. Another option is to seasonalize the soups to allow for new flavor varieties to be introduced in spurts. Heartier (potato, noodle and cream) soups are desired in the winter, where as a gazpacho is in a higher demand in the summer. Allow consumers to take surveys to receive coupons for your products and ask them what they want in a soup. The contest concept can do wonders for creating a buzz about your product and is the best alternative. Even more importantly, you are gaining insight into exactly what the consumers want. This nation has been so overly advertised to that people tend to ignore ads all together. What they don’t ignore is the chance to win something with no risk. Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” contest has been a great success over traditional marketing strategies. Why you ask? “The answer is simple: consumers don’t trust traditional marketing strategies anymore, and businesses are getting creative, using consumer-generated marketing—directly involving the customer in the marketing and development of products—to succeed” (Jones, 2013).
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