Brave New World Analysis

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In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, he portrays the future as an isolated society, based off of stability and rigid order in order to avoid conflict and ensure continuous happiness. The citizens’ naive willingness to comply with a society that promises them eternal contentment is an attitude that has been conditioned in them since birth, in a manner in which our society may consider as cruel or unusual. After John, the Savage, an outsider of this society, comes to realize the truth behind the manipulation used to ensure the uniformity, he challenges the authorities and the system in its entirety. It is quite evident to him that this society is one built off of artificial emotions and insincerity. In this paper, I will highlight the different ways in which the Controller, Mustafa Mond, attempts to control the society, as well as prove why John’s criticisms of the society holds strong against Mond’s unbacked defensive claims. The Brave New World’s society is one that takes complete pride in the rigidity and conformity of their society. An example of this would be at the beginning of their life, during the decanting process, when the fetuses are artificially fabricated in the Hatchery. Through the Bokanovsky Process, the society is able to create nearly exact fetuses out of identical eggs. Not only are the fetuses able to develop more quickly, but in large quanitities. The benefit of using identical eggs is not only limited to simply allowing for the ideal body to be

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