Brave New World Discussion Questions

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Brave New World Discussion Questions

Question 1:
Each novel immerses us, instantly, into a world that simultaneously is foreign and familiar. Establish the characteristics of the society that the author creates and analyze the intricacies (complexities) of the society being presented. In what ways is it like and unlike our own society?
In Aldous Huxley’s science fiction novel Brave New World, a distinct society is illustrated. The author depicts a civilization that is specifically based on several economic classes, extreme measures of social manipulation, marginalization, and technologic advancement. Huxley often emphasizes the ranked divisions of society throughout Brave New World.
Alpha, the utmost superior caste, possessed those of fair skin, intelligence, and high standards. The secondary level classified as Beta is considered a less pristine version of Alpha, but still obliges technical expertise. Gamma, which follows Alpha and Beta, is occupied by those with adequate knowledge, mediocre skills, and almost insufficient abilities. Lastly, are Delta and Epsilon; the ultimate uncultured and unsophisticated. Being mass-produced, these remaining castes lack quality, character, identity, and intellect. They perform the lowest sorts of labor and are segregated from the high-ranked classes.
When being compared to today’s current age, Brave New World is nearly identical, yet foreign. The society in Brave New World, as previously mentioned, is a civilization that is based on

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