Brazil : The Economy Of Brazil

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The economy of Brazil is rapidly growing making its presence felt in the international markets. Brazil boasts of efficiently functioning mining, manufacturing, agricultural industry and service segments. In Brazil, the agriculture sector makes up 11% of the gross domestic product or the GDP. Brazil is the largest manufacturer of orange juice and coffee. Brazil also exports coffee to other countries. Other products exported to other countries include beef, cocoa, sugar cane, corn, rice. The Government of Brazil is focused on eradicating the disparities in living standards as well as the income of the people which adversely affects the population of Brazil. Several reform programs related to the public, economic and social segments are undertaken to minimize the differences and allow the poor people to exercise their right in deciding public issues. These programs ensure rendering employment opportunities and aims at providing equal opportunities for all irrespective of the income group to which one belongs. Steps are also taken to make the democratic make up strong, operate administration in an effective manner and minimize dishonesty and corrupt practices. Brazil has the biggest population in the Caribbean and Latin America and there is a need to focus on the following sectors as health, development of rural areas, education, water, natural resources, living standards, eliminating poverty. Exports of goods and services (BoP; US dollar) in Brazil was last measured at

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