Break Up Short Story

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Summary In this story, the author describes a domestic violence incident. The couple appears to be going through a break-up. While the male in this relationship is packing his suitcase with clothes, the female in this relationship is yelling at the male. The female is crying while holding their baby in her arms. When the male is ready to leave the residence, he attempts to take their child, a baby boy. She holds tight while the male attempts to pull the baby away from her. As she struggles to hold on, he uses force to pry the baby out of her fingers, which eventually causes her to loosen her grip of their child. He then takes a hold of their child and she makes one last attempt at grabbing the baby. She nearly succeeds but she is unsuccessful. He aggressively pulls the baby away and effectively overpowers her.
This story connects with the real world in many ways. It is possible that the issue at hand comes from some sort of deceit, cheating, domestic violence, financial hardship, or just loss of interest in the relationship. The female firmly believes that he is guilty of something, possibly cheating. This is apparent when she asks him, “You can’t even look at me in the face, can you?” [123]. The couple also appears to come from a low social economic background which is sometimes a contributing factor to a break-up. She has mixed feelings about the break up, as she looks at their baby’s photo and is possibly thinking, that their child will have no

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