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I have seen the breakfast club three times before taking this class and then saw it for a fourth time during class and I must say that it is defiantly one of my favourite movies. Before this class, I loved it because it was a fun movie depicting teenage school life in its simplest form and it was more or less something I could relate to. I noticed only the funny quotes; close calls and random scenes that made me say “Ha! It’s funny because it’s true.” Such as the scene where all the characters are in detention and they are all just making the dumbest faces, sounds and actions with their pencils. But after taking this class and doing a bit of theory on groups and communication, I realized that the film had a bit more depth to it. It was a…show more content…
The jock (Andrew Clark) usually picks on nerds such as Brian and would become an outcast in his group of athletes if he were ever caught dead socializing with him. The princess (Claire Standish) is part of a high social class and would never be caught dead with anyone outside her wealthy click (except perhaps Andrew since he is a jock and we all know the princess is usually dating the jock). The troublemaker (John Bender) preys on all the members of the group, exploiting their weaknesses for his personal enjoyment (Ironically, without this, the group would have probably never even spoken a word to one another and his intense negativity towards the group is what brought them all together). And finally the basket case “Allison Reynolds” is somewhat indifferent about the group at first and pays no attention to them and then watches them from behind, as the group grows closer. She likely has no group of her own and likes the fact that she doesn’t need to depend on anyone but she clearly craves attention and this is shown by her lies made up to impress or shock the group members. As for control, there seems to be a power struggle between John and Andrew. John is the tough guy and tries to push all the members or the group down to make himself feel like he is better than them all, but Andrew, being the jock that he is, is not going to let another male get the best of him. Claire refuses to be controlled or ordered by such low class scum like John and tries

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