Analysis Of The Movie ' The Breakfast Club ' Essay

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The iconic coming-of-age movie The Breakfast Club, focuses on the development of five, seemingly very different high school students. In the movie we are presented with the five main characters all with stereotypes that they identify with. Claire is the princess or the beauty queen, John, often referred to by his last name “Bender,” is the criminal, Brian is the brain or the nerd, Andrew, is the athlete, a wrestler , and finally Allison is the basket case or the weirdo. The story is set in saturday detention where they are forced to spend eight hours with people from other cliques that they would normally never interact with. The day progresses and the characters interact with one another, smoke, dance, break rules, and reveal very personal parts of themselves with the others. The story ends with some of the characters making an attempt to change their identity with the realization that even with the boxes they have been put into they are not that different from one another. Identity plays a key role in the interaction between all the characters. Erikson’s stage for adolescents is Identity versus Role Confusion, which is represented with each and every single one of the characters. The teens want to figure out who they are, and what they want to be in life. Therefore they take on certain roles and experiment to see what form fits best to their personality. Take Brian, the brain, for example, he has established his identity as the nerd. Therefore it dictates the clubs he is
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