Breaking The Consumer Cycle : Breaking The Consumer Cycle

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Breaking the Consumer Cycle

In today’ society, one’s standard of success is based off one’s material possessions. The consumer state of mind is, “we want more, we need more’. The constant push of getting the newest, fastest, shiniest, along with the biggest item is consistently being feed to every person on a daily basis. These items start to appear as needs in one’s life, when in reality it is a want, which the joy and satisfaction quickly dissipate and the need for more develops. “The process of moving ahead materially without any real gain in satisfaction is often called “the treadmill of consumption” (Roberts 124). Robert believes that society is trapped on this treadmill, and there is no getting off. From birth, we are taught and shown behaviors and one’s life experiences shape a person’s behavior. Individuals are taught behaviors, one can change their views and perceptions, thus getting off the consumer treadmill. To break any cycle is first understanding the issue, concern or problem. The problem is the need to keep up the Joneses, which is having the biggest house, the expensive car, largest television to name a few. “We may not know our neighbors, but we feel compelled to make sure they know that we’re people of value. As humans, we rely on visual cues such as material possessions to convey our status to others and to ascertain the status of people we don’t know” (Roberts 123). As humans we are competitive by nature and taught at a young age, there is no

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