Bridge Of America Essay

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Many people think that there are more illegal immigrants than there are legal immigrants in the United States. Most people do not realize that “75% of immigrants arrived here through legal means” (Malik and Wolgin). Most Americans think immigrants are hurting the economy when they are actually helping the economy. With this Bridge of America program, better relations can be built between new immigrants and American citizens. Bridge of America will help develop teaching facilities for new immigrants and help them understand the culture and language of the United States, as well as how to build a better life in the U.S. The benefits that will come from Bridge of America will benefit both immigrants and current U.S. citizens by creating small …show more content…

Bridge of America will teach incoming immigrants how to speak English, as if they have lived in America their whole lives. By helping new immigrants understand the culture and language it will build better trust between the country’s current residents and newcomers. “Nearly 76 percent of adults said immigrants who came to the United States illegally should speak and understand English before gaining legal status” (Metzler). If immigrants learned English they would have better relation. Immigrants who know English are easier to communicate with than immigrants that only know their native language. So immigrants that know English have better relations with US citizens if not only for the easier communication. With Bridge of America teaching immigrants about the culture and language of America it will inspire them to start small businesses. These small businesses will create jobs for Americans. “Immigrants started 28 percent of all new U.S. businesses in 2011, employing one in 10 U.S. workers” (Marczak). Bridge of America will stick with immigrants after they go through the program to make sure they are providing the most they can for the economy. Bridge of America will inspire economic growth helping get small businesses started which will providing jobs and that have to pay

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