Bridlewood Drive: A Short Story

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“It” was the WORST day of my life! The day I learned terrible, TERRIBLE, things that would scare people no matter how old they are, and how do I know this do you ask, well, I was scared to, I am not anymore because that is how I grew up, cowering in fear but not anymore, not know that I know more than people think and want me to now. It was pouring cats and dog the day “It” happened, at the end of Bridlewood Drive, in a little town house surrounded by a short brown picket fence, my grandfather’s house. Inside I was sitting in a recliner, worn to its threads it was so old. It was positioned in the far right of living room. My brother was leaning against the foot of the recliner, looking so tired he could have fallen asleep any second. grandpa was sleeping on the couch, peaceful, like when you come home from school and you sit down and write stories …show more content…

“ YOU turned this on? YOU want to turn like your father? That little BRAT!!! YOUR father is a brat, that’s right he doesn’t care if HE hurts YOU, he only cares about himself!!!!” bellowed Grandpa scoffingly, I felt like I was about to cry, but I couldn’t, no I wouldn’t, grandpa doesn’t believe in crying, says it shows weakness (I think it show humanity, but that’s just my opinion),so holding back tears I walked back to the recliner and sat down, wishing that day would

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