Brief Analysis Of Corporate Culture Establishment Based On Csr

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1. Introduction 1.1. Background Corporate social responsibility is no longer a new term for now business. More and more businesses and individuals began to focus on corporate social responsibility, such as specifying corporate social responsibility strategy, the implementation of corporate social responsibility programs, corporate social responsibility published annual report and listing. At the same time, more and more disciplines of Financial Accounting and Reporting has evolved in corporate social responsibility analysis system incorporate non-financial elements, such as carbon emissions, water usage and so on. However, a topic about corporate culture had become more prominent after 2001, when the Enron financial fraud scandal broke out. When more people are concerned with the the news of Enron bankruptcy, behind this event, it is paid more attention by more and more researchers and scholars that a bad corporate culture will give enterprises and companies what kind of disaster. 1.2. Aims This purpose of this report is aimed at discuss and elaborate the brief analysis of corporate culture establishment based on CSR. through the analysis of the reason of Enron Scandal, attempts to show how important the corporate culture is. Further more, try to find a way to establish corporate culture based on CSR and give some recommendations about how to develop the right CSR strategy and how to implement of CSR programs. 1.3. Scope This report is based on the business case, Enron
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