Brief Summary: The Greek Slavery In History

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In history art has always been important because of the message the images bring. Today many of the history is analyzed through paintings and sculptures as a culture and remembrance of what once happened in history. The Greek Slave is one of the many sculptures and images that portray history today. The Greek Slavery reflects historical information of the artist, work of art, culture, values, and media information from that era.
To begin with, Hiram Powers was an American sculptor originally from Vermont who later moved to Ohio where he studied classical art. He started his career in Washington, D.C were he modeled many portraits and made a couple wax models for the Cincinnati museum (Columbia University Press).In 1843, Greek slave was one …show more content…

The history of the Greek Slave takes place during the dark times in the Greek Revolution of 1821-1832. The Greeks had been under the Turks for more than four-hundred years and wanted their freedom from the Turks so they decided to rebel against them. The Greeks never imagined they were to be held captive by the enemy. The Turks took away mostly Greek female prisoners who were beautiful and sold them in slave markets from Turkey and Egypt (OKSEV, Birgül Koçak 23). The female prisoners who were sold had similar characteristics because they were white Christian young ladies. This was the Turks revenge against the Greeks and earned profit from them by selling the prisoners to the highest bidders. “…Slavery of the Greeks by the Turks during the Greek war of Independence directed attention to harem and women slavery in general” (OKSEV, Birgül Koçak 23). The women who were acclaimed by the slave owners were really sexual predators who wanted them for self-indulgent purposes. Since the thirteen century the Turks have been stereotyped as rapist because of their un-Christian beliefs.
In conclusion, the Value of this Sculpture is one of the most important in history because it represents all those young ladies who were innocently held captive against their own will to be later disposed to the evils of the world. Hiram Powers’ statue was based during the slavery of young women to increase awareness of the terrible and unjust situation.

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