British America 's Commercial Empire

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The nature of British America’s commercial empire in the eighteenth century was disclose with Alexander Falconbridge and Vision of America textbook passages along with the transatlantic slave trade database. The English Empire was built on cash crop exportation such as tobacco, rice, and sugar. A colonist in the most important settlements set themselves in plantations. “By the early eighteenth century, expanding trade with the British Empire increased the number of wealthy colonists and brought a flood of new luxury goods into affluent American Homes.” Obtaining new luxury goods allowed individual to feel as if they are part of something bigger. Attaining goods such as new “Refined taste was proof of gentility, a term that became synonymous with the attributes associated with wealth and sophistication.” With the idea of wealth and sophistication, slaves became in high demand for profits to the new world.
When Africans fell in the hand of black traders, they experience horrific sufferings, they are cuffed, starved and made them travel long distance without getting hospitalized. Africans were traded in fairs in which they are traded off again, “their allowance of food is so scanty, that is barely sufficient to support nature”. In Alexander Falconbridge, The African Slave Trade (1788) explains the horrific situation Negroes are put through. From the beginning at eight 0’clock where they are brought upon deck, examined, locked to a ring-bolt with a long chain, where fifty

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