British Empire Research Paper

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When hearing the British Empire we often relate terms such as colonies, dominions, and mandate. The British Empire was prosperous throughout its reign in the countries that it conquered. Although the British Empire came into Egypt to help stabilize the region and protect them from outside attackers; nevertheless they were also the attackers to the Egyptian government, because of reasons such as business deals with the cotton, gaining shares of Suez Canal, putting British government officials in the Egyptian government, and infiltrating their structures. In this research paper I will argue that the British Empire used their stabilization and protecting Egypt as a cause to infiltrate the government to expand their Empire while gaining control of Egypt so the British Empire can trade easier through the Suez …show more content…

The British Empire has always helped the Ottoman Empire before the 1882 control of Egypt. In 1798 Napoléon and the French Republic first came to Egypt with an army where they battled at the Pyramids and defeated the Mameluke Army. This battle of the French and Mameluke prompted the British Empire that their Indian Empire was under immediate threat. This alert made the British Royal Navy go to battle with the Navy of the French Republic at the Abukir Bay; where the British Empire was able to defeat the French Republic. Later the Mameluke Army under the Ruler Muhammad Ali defeated the British Army in 1805. In 1839 the British Empire returned again where they help the Ottoman Empire by overthrowing Muhammad Ali with the help of the Austrian army where later stayed in Egypt and take control in 1882.
The British Empire took control of Egypt from the year 1882 causing havoc in the structures. Egypt experienced extreme hardship and a suffocation of liberties under the ruling of the British Empire. The British military took control of existing political structures and economies while

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