Broad Differentiation Strategy : Converse, Reebok, And Nike

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Broad Differentiation Strategy Though in competition. Under Armour and Nike have a lot in common. Not only do they both offer premium sports and athletic apparel, but they also utilize professional athlete sponsorships to aid in driving sales. With so much in common there are different marketing approaches between the two. Under Armour acts like the underdog in a sales world which is dominated by Nike. While proving others wrong is Under Armour’s forte. Nike is about proving yourself right. Both of these tactics have worked to their advantage as it appeals to the different senses we as Americans have. Even though Under Armour is growing they do not have the tradition or brand awareness that Nike has. With that being said: They are heading in the right direction by toppling Adidas and taking the second spot behind Nike in the sports apparel business. The things that Under Armour is doing to differentiate themselves from their competition is being clear and concise about their brand mission. Targeting the right audience by appealing to humanistic experiences to expand brand audience. Finally, giving the consumer an experience that goes well beyond just purchasing their products. (Chen, 2015)
Overall Low-Cost Provider Strategy Twenty years ago, Nike would have taken Under Armour’s lunch money and sent them packing. This is the fate that Converse, Reebok, and Adidas experienced when they tried to take on the Nike Swoosh. The one thing that has kept Under Armour a float and on
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