Brock Turner Crime

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It's not often that I voice my opinions on social media, but this has not been an ordinary week. So excuse me while I discuss an issue that has pissed me off.

Despite the magnitude of a presidential election, this is the story that has caught my attention like never before. Brock Turner belongs in prison for his crime, and that is all I have to say about him. However, the conversation does not end there, the events that followed the attack do not allow it to.

His father's comments are disgusting. His "20 minutes of action" statement sends a dark message to survivors and viewers. Nothing, absolutely no amount of time or money, can give anyone an excuse for what Brock did. His future has been put before the woman he raped while her life
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She stood up for so many people by having the vulnerability to publicly discuss this scarring, deeply personal event in her life.

Letter here: Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford alum, made an inexcusable decision in this ruling, and does not deserve his title. There is a lost sense of security and trust in the law due to his action. Worst of all is the reality that while the victims of sexual assault will always carry the memory and shame accompanied with it, men can get away with it with a "light" sentence and walk away.

Brock Turner's wealth, image, and color of skin have gifted him years back on a jail sentence likely to exceed 5 if perpetrated by a man not born into the privilege he had been born into. He is just one example of an unjust society that allows men to rape, he is just one man in a world of judges, reporters, and fathers that lead to these tragedies.

Petition to remove Judge Persky from his seat:
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