Persuasive Essay On Sexual Harassment

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Women are always taught that the only way to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment ourselves. The only way to protect ourselves is to dress modestly and don’t drink and don’t walk alone at night and the list goes on. We are told that we must do everything possible to prevent enticing a man so they won’t assault us. Even if we did follow these rules to not be assaulted, we are still assaulted. Obviously, there is nothing we can do to stop rape. We’ve tried every measure possible. We’ve told women to change themselves, and what have we done to the men that assault and harass women? Well, the men that have assaulted women were enticed by something the woman did so they deserve no punishment. We might be ruining a bright future. Look at Brock Turner. He raped a fellow student at Stanford University, and he was charged with felony sexual assault. He served three months of a six months sentence. He’s ruined this woman and her feel like an outsider in her own body, yet it’s unfair that he must register as a sex offender now all because he’s an affluent, white male whose decent at swimming. The woman he assaulted was drunk and unconscious at the time of the assault. She didn’t take the proper measures to protect herself from this kind of situation. If the victim of the assault does not take the basic steps to prevent the crime, then what else can we do? The criminal justice system won’t miraculously be sympathetic toward victims of sexual assault. Women are

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