Brokeness, Forgiveness By Smyth: A Brief Summary

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In Smyth’s article, Brokeness, Forgiveness, Healing, and Peace in Ireland, utilizing the conflicts that have occurred in Northern Ireland as an example, Smyth considers conditions and processes that may foster reconciliation and peace-building in situations that have been known to have longstanding ethnic, religious, and political conflict. She begins her thoughts about the importance of forgiveness by remembering the strength her cousin, Sheila, displayed when she found out that her husband was shot and killed by a loyalist gunman. When Sheila’s young family found themselves broken and bruised they chose not to retaliate, but to forgive. Recognizing that, “forgiveness was the only way she knew to disarm that hatred and prevent it from wreaking…show more content…
She writes that by becoming aware of our small-minded arrogance, alienation, and loss of meaning and replacing it will faith and grace just as Jesus demonstrates throughout the Bible, then the path to forgiveness and reconciliation will be open. Smyth suggestion that faith in Christ and the utilization of His grace as our example to forgiveness and reconciliation may seem a simple answer, but sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer. Smyth’s suggestion to take the time to understand other religions without judgment and with an open mind will open the door to various understandings of forgiveness. It is forgiveness that is, “an attribute of the divine, an expression of Gods freedom and grace made visible in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ” (p.146). As Smyth points out, the words “I forgive” do not come easy. There is a price that comes with those words. Successful reconciliation can only occur if forgiveness is given and to really forgive means to make ourselves acknowledge that we must let go of the past and accept/create a healthier way to look at the
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