Bronfenbrenner Ecological Theory

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According to Bronfenbrenner Ecological System of Development Theory, the world of the child consists of multiple systems that interact, each directly impacting and being influenced by all others (Rathus & Longmuir, 2012). These systems are; the Microsytem, Mesosytem, Exosytem, Macrosystem, and the Chronosystem. Bronfenbrenner’s approach is especially helpful in understanding family discord because it highlights the many contexts in which families are enmeshed (Swick & Williams, 2006).
Microsystem refers to the immediate environment with which the child interacts such as the family home, school, neighbourhood and religious organizations. For the child, what was once a stable intimate setting of caring, trust and safe anchorage, quickly degraded …show more content…

According to the most recent results of the GSS (General Social Survey), about 4% of Canadians in provinces reported experiencing spousal violence (family violence) within 5 years preceding the survey, but there has been a marked decline over the last decade with self-reported accounts of spousal violence, having fallen from 7% in 2004 (Statistics Canada, 2015). Only a little over a third of spousal violence victims reported seeking formal supports in the form of counselling, crisis centres, victim services or support groups, with most victims preferring the informal support of family and friends. The long-term effects of spousal violence has been reported as having psychological consequences similar to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which, given the impact that issue has on the individual, family unit, and society as a whole, is a fact that should not be understated. Informal treatments for preventing and treating family violence in immigrant and invisible minority communities must rely on culturally competent family support services through community agencies and religious organizations. Typical formal response to family violence convictions entail court mandated anger management and abuse prevention education classes for the individual such as the provincially mandated Partner Assault Response Program (PAR) (Ministry of the Attorney General, …show more content…

First, to address the social and emotional needs of my client, child could be referred to a mental health program that would address her feelings of anxiety, sadness, and waning self-esteem. Aislin’s Individual Counselling with Children program can specifically assess the emotional distress of the child and develop a care plan focused on improving her overall functionality, as well offer her the support and understanding that her immediate family is not yet ready to provide (Aisling Discoveries, n.d). Through the employment of positive asset search, this program would be a chance for the child to first express her feelings about her home life without judgement or punishment, and then to learn to identify coping strategies and

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