The Bio Ecological Theory Created By Bronfenbrenner

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Throughout the world there are many homeless individuals who are in need of help. Many of these people have trouble finding a job or a way to help themselves get stable. Not a lot of the homeless know how to handle money or illnesses they have developed. Many homeless also suffer from addictions and are in need of rehabilitation programs. The cause of these illnesses or drug problems can be related to the fact that when growing up they suffered from different life changes and expectations within the bio ecological theory or context. For my Service Learning Project I have implemented a project that I believe will help the homeless community with their second chance. As we grow up we associate ourselves with different people and environments no matter how old we are or get we still see different people and different environments. The bio ecological theory created by Bronfenbrenner, which explains just that with contexts of development. With the contexts of development there are the biological, immediate, socioeconomic, and cultural contexts. All of these contexts play a role in whether or not your life heads in a good or bad path. In every context there is a different association from people and the environment such as cultural context which can provide the belief in society that education is important.(Boyd, 2015) However, the belief that education is important can be downgraded in the socioeconomic context if a family does not have the ability to send their child to a
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