Brooklyn Nine-Nine Case Study Powerpoint

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Conflict in the workplace may not be discernible; as such, it may go undetected, be mismanaged, or yield unsuccessful resolutions. Episode 22 of season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a series about an N.Y.P.D. squad, exemplifies this through the investigation of a high-profile homicide case by the nine-nine detectives. As the investigation opens, the detective team is called in, along with their Captain, Holt, to the office of Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch. Due to its seriousness, Holt assumed that Wuntch would pass the case to a higher-level department; however, Wuntch extended the offer to use any N.Y.P.D. resources required to solve the case instead. Moreover, Holt remains suspicious of Wuntch’s intentions throughout the episode, which leads to his formal decision of joining his detectives on the case. Holt and Wuntch have engaged competitively throughout their N.Y.P.D. history, which the series reveals. Their …show more content…

Ultimately, Wuntch utilized the resolution of the case as grounds to promote Holt. The resulting increase in positive perception of her abilities to mentor and manage her N.Y.P.D. staff is a win for Wuntch, but a loss for Holt. Holt’s position as Captain represented an escape from a former resented desk job to a more fulfilling field position. Unfortunately, his promotion from Wuntch required him to return to a desk job, something she knew he did not want to further pursue. Evidently, this is an unsuccessful resolution; Wuntch imposed her will on Holt by acting outside of his interests to benefit her own. Since her intentions involved continual torment of Holt over her higher rank in the force and caused him stress due to her continual authoritative command over him, this was an unsuccessful resolution to the conflict. More appropriately, an alternative strategy such as compromising may have satisfied the conflict, while benefitting both

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