Brown Of V Education Case Study

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African American have always been inferior to white Americans simply because whites were so oppressed by African Americans and their abilities. Since whites has such strong hatred towards the African American race mostly everything was segregated from bathrooms, water fountains, and even school systems. Whites did not want to share anything with people they did not considered human beings. African Americans faced many hardships while trying to get an education during the early 1900s because of the separated but equal law that was created. Linda Brown, a young African American third grader, was very determined for her education that she walked a mile to her all black elementary school. Furious with the way that African Americans children were treated, Oliver Brown did the unthinkable which had one of the biggest impact in history. The creation of the Brown of v. Education case showcase the hardships African American face by challenging the U.S. Supreme court due to the Fourteenth Amendment. During this time, it was uncommon for African Americans to be seen in the same building as whites without them being attacked. Linda’s father, Oliver Brown, wanted what was best for his daughter so he tried enrolling her into the all-white school which was only seven blocks away from their home. Brown’s admission into the school was rejected because she was a young black African American student and that simply was out of their comfort zone to accept her as a student. Upset from their

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