Diverse Student Body from Brown vs. the Board of Education Essay

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“Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time. I have a dream.” – Martin Luther King Jr. It is because of the Brown vs. The Board of Education court case that allows the University of Texas at Austin, along with hundreds of universities, to be have a diverse student body. This case opened new doors to racial opportunities. What started off as a plea for equality, would change the world in its own way. Brown, who is not defined to one person but rather a group that wanted freedom of segregation from schools, would go against the Board of Education in a duel of words to bring an equal education towards all citizens. Tirelessly fighting against racial …show more content…

the Board of Education. What started as one girl’s effort to attend school would forever leave a mark in history.

A girl by the name of Linda Brown. Just as any school girl, loved being with her friends, and she loved her family. However, Linda’s black skin color restricted her from attending a school that was a few yards away, and forced her to walk miles to the nearest all black school. In outrage, the family fought for their daughter to attend a local white school. Why would she not be allowed to attend a school so close to home? The question became strong enough to begin a movement that would impact the nation.

During the court case, Linda became the motivator of racial equality. It is because of her that schools no longer base their judgment of students from racial characteristics. Though Board of Education fought to maintain segregated schools, the act of restricting people based on race was unjust. It took the efforts of a strong girl and her family to bring this controversial issue to the nation. The United States of America was supposed to uphold the idea that “All men are created equal.” Yet, it contradicted itself with its blatantly unequal laws. What kind of equality forces children to be segregated into specific schools? What makes a black American different from a white American besides skin color? By abolishing segregation in schools, future

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