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Position: Netscape and Microsoft look at the internet browser in different terms and therefore pursue different strategies with their browsers. Microsoft looks at the internet browser as a component to the Operating System (OS) and should be integrated with the OS to maximize the browser’s functions. Netscape on the other hand thought the best way to develop the browser was to eventually open their source code. This allowed developers to grow the browser along with the company, further building the browsers functions. In order for Microsoft to continue to push its browser’s strategy it will need to resolve the antitrust cases currently placed against them. The current bundling of the Microsoft OS and internet browser provides a…show more content…
Netscape also sought the integration of its browser with its web site as it decided to expend its core business to include web-site services. Microsoft is not immune to challenges during this battle of the browsers. Its core strategy is currently under attack. The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged the company with tying its browser with its OS and restricting distributors promoting other browsers. In the mist of these legal issues Microsoft continued to pursue its strategy that the browser should be an integral part of the OS. Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 98 tightly integrated its browser in with the OS and allow it to further perusing its strategy. Microsoft may have made a huge mistake as this decision could tilt the legal battle in the DOJ’s favor. Action Plan: Netscape should continue with it’s over all strategy of being the dominate internet browser. As the outcome of the antitrust lawsuit with its major competitor Microsoft is still ongoing, in the short term Netscape should follow its new strategy of having its source code open to developers, and integrating its browser with its web site to include web-site services. Now that AOL has acquired Netscape, Netscape is in a better position to integrate web-site services with its browser. This will help provide Netscape the needed revenue by selling valuable space on its site to

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