Bruce Filters-Personal Narrative

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Bruce Walters always carried a positive attitude when welcoming customers in at DVD Starlight. He noticed the man with the aggressive eyes was back again, and Bruce welcomed him in. The man stared at Bruce, looked him up and down, grunted, and then told him to have a good day. Bruce felt shivers tingle down his spine at the sound of those words. It was probably just the lazy eye, or the fact he did the same thing every time he came by, but Bruce was sure the tone of the man’s voice had something to do with it. “You have a good day now.” I’m sure I’ve heard that man’s voice somewhere? Bruce knew that deep in his mind that voice rang a bell. It was a strange, yet familiar idea to ponder on, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It was…show more content…
There was some resemblance; the hair and the crooked nose. It was the night he broke into a home to steal valuables to sell off. He liked it when he robbed elderly people or women, they were easy targets, and good punching bags. He was pretty sure it took place outside of North London, but one night he broke into a home to commit a robbery and a young, married couple, both somewhere in their late twenties, were having a quiet night in. Bruce thought about just robbing them, but once he had both of them tied up he couldn’t resist the temptation of having fun with the girl. It annoyed him that pretty young things such as the girl didn’t go for men such as Bruce. So he thought he’d change that. He did horrendous things to her, and as he did these acts of criminality he made the husband watch. After he was finished with the girl he strangled her to death. Then he knelt down next to the husband and told him he should have a good day now. Bruce didn’t know why he kept the man alive, he guessed he liked the idea of someone having a horrific experience burnt into their brains. Bruce eventually got arrested for another home robbery, not the silly little murder he committed over a whole year. After being sent to a corrective school he got out and started earning money with various low income
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