How Old Is Bruce A Hero's Journey

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In order to know if Bruce’s life was already determined at seven we must examine Bruce’s aspirations at age seven. Bruce seemed to have two major dreams at age seven, one of them was to become a missionary and the second one was to see his father. Just from his kind and loving nature and his eagerness to help people I predicted he would help people in some form as an adult. I originally believed he would open up a charity or work for one, but at fourteen it became apparent that he was very shy, and often kept to himself. He stated that he could never be a missionary because he was not good at public speaking, and did not enjoy it at all. However, despite not being a missionary, at age seven he already knew that he wanted to help people, and…show more content…
At the age of seven, Bruce said that his greatest desire was to see his father, who was a soldier in Rhodesia. Since his father was in the army, he was never there for his son; as a consequence Bruce had trouble building relationships with those around him for the majority of his young adulthood. However, he experienced a drastic change in his forties, where he finally got married and had two children. This was the first time in his life that Bruce appeared to be genuinely happy and content. Bruce loved his children dearly and he “Just [wanted] to protect [his] kids from everything that could harm them”. He even sacrificed his dream to be an international cricket player to take care of them. Although he never actually got to build a relationship with his own father, he built a loving and supportive relationship with his own kids. Looking at how much he valued having a close relationship with his father at age seven was very reflective of how much he valued his family at age forty…show more content…
At seven years old Bruce was shy and had little confidence in himself, and that continued throughout most of his young adulthood. Bruce states that when he looks back at himself at seven “[he] can’t really recognize [himself]”. The boy at seven seemed a little bit lost and a little bit sad, but at forty nine he was content and reasonably happy. Once Bruce made the decision to start prioritizing his own happiness it completely changed his personality, and he became much more confident and happy. Thus, as we saw in Bruce, the decisions he made in life , and the consequences of those decisions effected the way he saw himself and interacted with those around
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