Bruce Springsteen's 8-Track

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Have you ever considered a time capsule? What do the items in this big barrel really stand for? Say you were to find a time capsule from the 1980s. You find inside an 8-Track tape of Bruce Springsteen’s The River released in 1980. What do you think of this? Do you overlook the meaning and see it as a representation of the type of music played in the 80s, Pop/Rock? Or maybe you see a significance that reaches far beyond just a type of music. Maybe you notice that this 8-Track represents not only music, but also innovation at the time. You look at it and realize that back then, people had to listen to these tapes through an audio cassette player. They also had to personally go out and buy the tape from a music store because there were no iPods with internet access to millions of albums. You think about The E-Street Band in the studio playing their instruments to record the background music into microphones. You think about how much work had to go into making this small, low quality 8-Track. You realize how much manual labor actually meant at the time. Also how far technology has come. This shows how an object can have many different ways of representing a culture or time period.
In today’s culture, there are many things that could represent our world today. Although there are many cliché items you might expect a …show more content…

While being the most recent way of making music today, it will give them an insight of how much of an impact technology has made and will make on the music industry. Whether they believe it represents laziness or hard-work will depend on how our future is going to develop within the next couple years, but as most people believe, the best and most intriguing part about time capsules is the

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