Bshs 325 Week 4 Macro System

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Macro Systems

The concept of personal empowerment is drawn within each individual. Personal empowerment is the ability to have influence on events and those individuals who surround themselves at an intimate level. It is a place in time when an individual knows and understands his or her goal and where they are headed. It is also when an individual that they are ready for change. An example of personal empowerment is a wife and mother who have decided that a change is necessary for her and children and makes the necessary steps to leave her abusive husband who has physically and verbally and abused herself and children. At this point of time the wife has determined that positive change is in order for the safety of her and her children.
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This is a type of service most individuals imagine social workers should be participating on his or her behalf. The micro category is one that the social work social worker engages with the individual and family level to assist with solving their problems. Examples would be helping individuals find housing, jobs, health care and social services (Macro, Mezzo, and Micro Social Work, 2012).
The functionalist view is one where an individual considers that everything in society must have a proper function. If it is part of society it must have a function, which also encompasses those at the poverty level. Based on the functionalist poverty level it is viewed to have two main functions. First it acts as a motivator because it is viewed as a warning. People would most likely and want to strive to work harder and succeed than be considered labeled as an individual at the poverty level. At some level, many individuals have seen poverty, and this is a constant reminder for him or her to work hard to avoid society associating poverty to them. Second, poverty acts as a means to have a “feel good factor.” It is a way of measuring how well one is doing and to work harder to attain and maintain a level above poverty. When individuals have struggled and experienced poverty, he or she realizes that their due diligence to rise above this level has proven to be successful. These individuals find themselves exceeding

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