Different Ways Of Which Care Workers Can Empower Individuals Using Relevant Examples From Health And Social Care

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P3 - Describe the different ways in which care workers can empower individuals using relevant examples from health and social care.

Introduction - “Empowerment” means you can boost someone’s confidence and promote choice among the service users. It is important to have empowerment in a care home as it can help the service users voice their opinion and make important issues known.

Present information in a way the service user can understand it / Preferred method of communication
Using the service users prefered method of communication can help empower them by giving them a way to talk to so you can help them plan their own care and help promote choice. It will also give you a way to work in partnership with the service user.
People with Autism can have difficulties with trying to make friends. They tend to appear cold and aloof, and they prefer to be alone. [2] The service user will have difficulties talking to others and the service user might need other ways of communicating for example, they might need PECS to help them. The Picture Exchange Communication System helps people who struggle with their speech and need help identifying everyday things. PECS also helps the service user spell and distinguish different letters and their sounds.
Makaton Sign Language is a way of speaking to someone who has learning or communication difficulties. Makaton is mostly taught as a second language to people who are still learning English.
Social stories are stories that help people…
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