Bshs 395 The interview process Essay week 2

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The Interview Process
Lolita Kyser
March 26th, 2013
Instructor Michael Moore

The Interview Process
The purpose of this essay is to explain the assessment interview process. This essay will feature an imaginary interview involving the client and helping process. The significance of the interview process initiates effective case management and entails direction of the client's goals (Kyser, 2014).
Alyssa is a teenage adolescent girl that was brought into the Juvenile Detention Center by the police. The case manager asks Alyssa to, please fill out the form in her office, so that she can assist Alyssa. She identifies that she likes to fight other teenagers on the intake
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For example, Alyssa is identifying strengths on the homework assignment (Woodside & McClam, 2013). Discussing Confidentiality
Alyssa is showing concern about who will view her record. The case manager explains that she knows privacy is important to Alyssa. The supervisor, consultant, and other staff who are working directly with Alyssa cannot view her record without her signed consent. In explaining to the client there are exceptions in cases of emergency where information may be shared without her consent. For example, suicide, homicide or other life-threatening situations (Woodside & McClam, 2013). Strengths Based Approach
Maintaining a plan for Alyssa is focusing on her strengths. This approach will keep her out of trouble and off the streets. For example, social support a referral to (PAL) Police Athletic League will help Alyssa get into basketball. The possibility of her getting on a team is positive. Another resource that will be helpful for Alyssa is that she receives wrap around services, which is team collaboration (Woodside & McClam, 2013). Active Listening, Questioning and Paraphrasing
Throughout the interview, active listening skills from the Probation Officer is necessary to understand and identify the source of Alyssa's problems. Questioning skills, for example, not talking in big words. For example, “Do your parents have legal custody of you?” Alyssa the client may not

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