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Buck & Pulleyn’s Team Management:
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Buck & Pulleyn`s is an advertising company with a good reputation for its hard-working, yet caring organization, that is able to retain both employees and clients. 3 years ago, the CEO Chris Pulleyn introduced a restructuring process to render the organization more team-based. This concept was fairly new for advertising companies which were usually organized hierarchically. Today, Chris Pulleyn is observing an increase in revenues and a still favorable reputation. Nevertheless, she sees that there are still internal conflicts among individuals and teams and wonders whether there is space for improvement or potential risks.

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As a stockholder, we think it is important that he is in a senior management position. Dick Van Gaasbeck, the BUM of TechPub, seems to have a good perspective on the team structure. Especially his understanding for the problems of new team members that do not accept the team principle and his appreciation of team players shows that he supports the team concept. Kathy Cairo, on the other hand, does not appreciate the team concept and only sees inefficiencies in team meetings. For the Purple Teams this might have strong implications for the future success. Bob Kiesow as the green teams Associate Creative Director (ACD) likes the team concept. There are some implications though whether he truly appreciates the concept for the right reasons. After Messina left, he became an ACD which might have misaligned his incentives. Additionally, he likes the new structure because it reduces the amount of account executives he has to deal with. Roxie Barnett from the STAR team is not involved in the case, so we assume that she does not cause problems. Given this analysis, we should focus on the top management which includes Pulleyn, Lyon, and Foster. If change takes place in the top management, it will have an optimal effect, significant impacts and long lasting improvements.


Team Analysis
We see different problems in the teams at Buck & Pulleyn´s. A major problem seems to be that the teams are very different in their composition which makes

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