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Rockmont Precision Tooling Rockmont Precision Tooling has proven to be very successful in the last few years due to its high productive capacity. Despite the fact they are a relatively small southern manufacturer of farm machinery, with 1,600 employees, they have been competing well in its domestic as well as the international markets. Jack Early was recently hired to be one of the higher-level managers. Jack had completed his M.B.A at one of the more well-known universities, and applied his knowledge and training, that he gained in school, to his work at Rockmont. He made such a good impression in a relatively short period of time, that he received many commendations and an early salary adjustment. Jack had been asked to assess…show more content…
Hiring someone with a “new,” different perspective, can be a great asset to the company, but it can also cause conflicts, as in this case. Because Chester Carson had been working for Rockmont since it was founded, he most likely changed Jack’s recommendations because this was how they have always run the company and wouldn’t let a new employee change that. Also because he had been working at Rockmont longer than Jack had and he therefore, claimed to know how well the employees had performed their jobs, how much they liked their work, and whether they had a good attitude toward their job and the company. I believe that Chester was somehow afraid that Jack would take over his place, since he received several commendations and designed procedural alterations that updated and modernized many of the firm’s processes. The criteria used to evaluate employee performance, was the main issue of the disagreement between the two men. Jack strongly believed that employees should receive merit increases based on productivity and contribution to the organization, and that extraneous factors such as the number of children employees have, age, and the number of years to retirement should not be considered. Chester, on the contrary, believed that the merit increase should be also based on the extraneous factors. According to Jack, the criteria used by Chester were not rewarding productivity and quality of work and

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