Budget Review : The Budget Essay

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Budget Review II

I again, explored and studied the financial plan of my local government, Albany-Dougherty County, GA. Dougherty County was formed from Baker County through an act of the Georgia General Assembly (Dougherty County Finance Department, 2015) in 1853. Dougherty County is named after Judge Charles Dougherty a judge out of Athens, GA. Through review of the 2010 census, I discovered that there is approximately 326 square miles of land in the county and population of 94,565 people (City of Albany, GA, 2015). Albany-Dougherty County is considered an innovative area in the state having several leading industries that moved here. Those industries include Proctor & Gamble, Miller Brewing Company and Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base (Dougherty County Finance Department, 2015). I examined the last three years, 2013, 2014 and 2015, budgets of particular note of the revenue sources, balances, surpluses, and deficits of the budgets. Assessing the internal and external opportunities or challenges of revenue sources. Looking for goals and priorities of the goods and services. Evaluating the budget stabilization measures and analyzing the financial policy as it leads to alternative taxes. The city budgets are balanced in accordance with Georgia Law (OCGA 36-81-3(B) (3)), which states that a budget has to be through assessing profits and fund balances to insure they are equal to each other (Dougherty County Finance Department, 2015). Albany-Dougherty County’s proceeds
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