Pennsylvania State Budget : A Regular Budget

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Wisconsin has a regular budget. That means Wisconsin state budget regularly contains data about how they will spend the money for a two-year period, from July of an odd numbered year through June of the next odd-numbered year. The current budget period runs from July 2015 through June 2017, and is sometimes referred to as the 2015-17 budget. In Wisconsin, the legislature creates most of the choices about what should be contained in the budget, with considerable input from the governor. The legislature and governor, not to mention the two political parties in the legislature, often have different priorities in terms of how to raise and spend money. That can made contentious negotiations before the budget is finally enacted. The state budget …show more content…

Ultimately the full membership of that house votes on the complete bill. Once they pass their version of the budget, the bill moves over to the other house of the legislature, where the whole process repeat again. If the two houses end up passing versions of the bill that are suggestively different from each other then a conference committee consisting of members from each house is frequently appointed to strong differences between the two bills. Once the conference committee comes up with a compromise version of the bill, it goes back to both houses for approval. There are no suggestion or changes at this point, just agree or disagree vote. After both houses pass the budget bill, it moves to the governor’s desk. In Wisconsin state, the Governor has the absolute power to make line-item vetoes, which means he can change the value of the dollar, delete language, or erase entire items to make things more to his liking. The legislature has the power to dominate the governor’s veto, but it takes a two-thirds vote of both houses to do so, and that rarely happens. Lastly, the budget is signed into law. The budget is supposed to be finalized by July first of the odd-numbered year. That’s when the revenue and spending stages set by the new budget are set to go into effect. Occasionally, the budget process stay longer, and it’s not rare for the budget to not be signed until the fall of an

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