Building A Change Manager Within This Health Care Facility

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On February 13, 2017, I had the pleasure do a brief interview Ms. Stephanie Hayes, of the Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Health Care Center in regards to her role as being a Change Manager within this health care facility.
Assessing and Accepting Change
I asked, Ms. Hayes what was her most challenging change that she has managed while working as the Office Manager for the Director’s Office. Her biggest challenge that she has encountered was office acceptance in being hired as a manager over people who had been working for that department for years. A lot of people do not handle change very well and tend to not like the new person bringing change.
Of course, there will be some difficult decision that one may need advice on, but
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To her, change failure would be where there is a flaw in the process working toward the change or task that has been given.
She shared an incident that would work in a hospital setting does have its downfalls meaning that there tends to be gossip. Her job is to ensure that the privacy of individuals is respected despite the workplace setting. Also, to ensure that all employees are aware of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPA) and how important it is to keep the privacy of a person health.
Change Leadership
Ms. Hayes has learned since moving to her new position the best way to lead change is to be the change. With that said, she has noticed that people cannot change something until they first change themselves. The impact of change is not always clear, especially in a hospital environment. It is her believe that continuing to enforce change and to practice it.
The resistance from employees and managers is normal and can be addressed. Persistent resistance, however, can threaten a project. The change management team needs to identify understand and help their leaders manage resistance throughout the organization. Resistance manage is the process and tools used by managers and executives with the support of the change
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