Building A Good Software Developer

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Are you a young, first year IT student wondering what it takes to excel in the software development industry? Or are you a software engineering veteran but somehow feel that you have reached a "peak" in your skills...there is still room for improvement but don 't know how to go about it? Are you somewhere in between?

I believe that all software developers yearn to improve on their coding skills and come up with beautifully written and rock solid applications. To do this however, one needs to be passionate about the work. What do I mean? Do you enjoy spending long hours (including weekends and very late nights) in front of you computer screen writing code and getting thrilled by what you can come up with? If you do, keep reading, if not, maybe software development is not for you...seriously! One can only reach their full potential at something if they are truly passionate about it.

Here are 7 steps I believe should be taken in order to become a good software developer.
1. Learn the basics

With all the new programming technologies that have sprung up in recent years, many beginner programmers try to hop into everything at once instead of learning and understanding the basic concepts, principles and fundamentals that are common to pretty much all languages; variables (their naming conventions), if/else/switch statements, loops, booleans etc. The best way to do this is to select one language and master the basics with it.

The programming language to start with is not of too
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