Year Self-Assessment. To Briefly Review My Performance

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Year Self-Assessment To briefly review my performance and skills gained this year, I worked on improving my teamwork and interpersonal skills and I gained exposure to various roles and stages of software methodologies and team development. In addition, I have gained experience observing how IT functions in the corporate environments of two different industries: Retail and Finance. I have developed a better understanding of team dynamics and I am learning how to contribute to them more effectively. Over the course of the year I worked two at client sites Meijer’s POS (Point of Sales) team as a QA tester & SME and recently as an agile tester for Comerica’s fraud Traffic team. Shortly after completing UST’s training program, I started my …show more content…

If any pump malfunctioned or was in disarray, I inspected the pumps to rule out the cause: i.e. terminals/MSRs, Fuel Server on/offline, or bugs from a build. I Oversaw installation of any hardware upgrades and software builds and tracked bugs for that department. I worked closely with a developer to ensure that any showstoppers or critical bugs were fixed. Wrote and edited all test scripts pertaining to various transaction types and functionalities, including contributing to developing an information/troubleshooting guide for Meijer’s Wayne and Gilbarco pumps. While at Meijer I contributed to the successes of the department in other ways, by helping train new onboarding testers and helping get them acclimated to the lab environment, testing methods, and team. I’ve volunteered and sacrificed many weekends to come in and run test scripts and write up bugs in order to help them meet deadlines for build deploys into stores. Comerica: I started my second assignment at Comerica on their fraud trafficking team as a new agile tester. Being completely new to the company and to the process of the Agile Scrum methodology, a framework Comerica utilizes for their software development projects. Scrum is team based work broken down into increments of 2 weeks known as Sprints. I learned how to write test cases in the form of ATDD’s (Acceptance Test Driven

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