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Constitutional Law questions: 1.In the Mount Soledad case discussed on page 105 of the text, why did the 9th circuit determine that the cross violated the establishment clause. (because it endorses christian religion, because it stands next to the veteran memorial and not all veterans were christian.) ((The circuit determined that the cross "physically dominated" the site where veterans of all religions were to be remembered; that the cross, with its dominating physical appearance, could possibly take away the due respect and attention for veterans of non-Christian religions.) 2.Page 110 of your text has a section on marriage equality and the Constitution. This section explains why marriage equality can become a business related …show more content…

This question requires thinking and application (you won’t necessarily find the information on the website). Be as specific as possible. ((Businesses that are considering to join the wind energy generation market would benefit from the information for many reasons; a company can find out what types of government-backed funding and research are available for wind energy businesses. Also, the said businesses can plan out location-specific business venues by accessing the industry overview and outlook provided on the website, namely the Wind Map. Tort questions (you can find all the answers in your textbook: 7. Define assault any intentional and unexcused threat of immediate harmful or offensive contact-word s or act that create a reasonably believe threat. ((Assault refers to any intentional and unexcused threat of immediate harmful or offensive contact; words or acts that that create a reasonably believable threat are assaults.)) 8. Define battery ((Battery is an unexcused and harmful or offensive physical contact intentionally performed.)) 9. Define false imprisonment. ((Intentional confinement or restraint of another person's activities without justification is called false imprisonment.)) 10. The text book (at page 121) provides a business example of false imprisonment – explain Shoyoye, whose innocence had already

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